A new service – Garden City Ink Author Support

road signs questions answersAfter holding our first seminar on How to Publish Your Book on Amazon and talking to the writers who attended we’ve had further thoughts about our idea of providing a service to help authors with the ebook publishing process.

There are lots of websites out there where you can pay to have your book formatted and published. They will do everything for you but, of course, the big problem is you have to pay every time you publish a new book or want changes made to an existing book. Even if you have the money and are willing to spend fairly substantial sums there is still a massive problem. That problem is in differentiating between the organisations that are genuine and will provide value for money and those that are basically scams. Unfortunately vanity publishing has moved into ebooks in a major way and writers may find themselves in the position of spending lots of money and still ending up with an ebook that looks shoddy and unprofessional.

The two major takeaways for us from the seminar was that most writers really want to be able to do it all themselves as this gives them control over their own works. However, we also learnt that there are some writers who, even after being shown, still may not be a position to publish without further support.

So where do we go from here? We’ve been thinking for some time of offering an online service aimed at helping writers to publish their works and our initial thoughts were of taking the usual path in offering a menu of things we could do and a price for each service. We’re now changing our minds and we’re thinking of offering a new type of service. It might work like this.

If you’re uncertain about ebook publishing or you’ve come across a barrier that is stopping you from progressing you would be able to subscribe to the Garden City Ink Author Support Service. You would buy a one-off subscription for say 30 days and during that time we would –

  • Give you access to tutorials showing the formatting, publishing and even advertising processes step by step
  • We’ll also give you links to information on the web that we’ve found valuable
  • If you have any queries during the 30 days you can contact us via email and we’ll try and provide an answer to any of your questions
  • If you need some simple formatting done on a Word document that would be free to a subscriber (although we’d sooner you did it yourself so you know for the future how it’s done)
  • We would provide a forum so you can converse with other writers taking the same journey (this might be something we’d allow permanent access to once you’ve subscribed so you can help other writers too)
  • You’d also get a free half hour one-to-one consultation via Skype or Google Hangout with us so you can discuss your particular needs
  • There would be items that we would have to charge for separately such as –
    • Providing a book cover
    • Enhanced formatting in Word (putting all the indents in, table of contents, basic proof-reading etc.),
    • Enhanced formatting using InDesign
    • Putting together an author site
    • Publishing your book on your behalf and so on

That’s it really. As I say it’s just an idea at the moment but if you think this service might be something you’d find useful or if you have any suggestions for such a service we’d be really grateful if you could email us at publisher@gardencityink.com and let us know what you think.


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