Things to consider before you publish your book (1)

tablets and phonesThis is the first of a series of posts about what authors might need to consider before they self-publish a book. Our support service will be ready to help only when an author has completed a book and feels that it is ready to go. We know that some authors feel that a review of their book should be part of any service aimed at supporting them. However this is something that we won’t be offering and we explain why in this FAQ.

Publishing a book before it’s at its absolute best is doing it a real disservice. I always feel that my books are a little like children in as much as I want them to have the best chance they can when I send them out into the world on their own. Poor editing and formatting, typos, sloppy punctuation, plot holes and implausible situations will all turn readers off. Once turned off they most likely won’t come back again.

So what can we do to ensure that our books are as good as they can be before we even start thinking about publishing? There are three areas that we think authors should consider –

  • Things you can do yourself as an author
  • How others can help you to improve your book
  • Resources that you might find useful

We’ll be posting in the near future about all of the above. We’ve made a decision in that we will not judge the worth of any author’s work but, nevertheless, we hope that every author will  take on board what we’re saying and do their best to get their book as good as it can be before they consider publishing it.

If you’ve found ways of improving your books that you’d like to share with other authors please let us know by emailing and we’ll ensure that you get a mention.

Next post in the series – Things to consider (2) – What you can do

[Thanks to Nigel Goldsmith for the nice photo above]


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