LogoIf you’re a writer and you’d like to publish your work as an ebook but you’re doubtful or worried then you can contact us to handle the process.

However we’re also aware that some authors prefer learning sessions where they can talk face to face with someone. If we get enough interest we’ll periodically be holding some eBook Seminars where you can learn all about formatting, publishing and advertising your book straight from the author Patrick C. Walsh.

You can register your interest by emailing and tell us –

  • Where you live
  • Your genre
  • Something around what you’re trying to achieve
  • When you might be available

If we get enough writers registering an interest in your area we’ll put together a seminar and let you know.

We held our first seminar on How to Publish Your Book in Amazon on January 14th in Letchworth. You can find out how it went in this blog post.