Garden City Ink opens its doors on April 3rd!

open signWe’ve taken the decision to start offering authors our support from April 3rd. As we’re just starting up the first ten authors who apply will get a 33% discount so order your package soon.

What are we offering?

It’s taken us quite a while to decide on what we should offer authors in terms of support. We’d initially thought that we would go down the well trodden path of offering a menu of services that authors could choose from with the basic assumption being that we would be doing all the work. We held a seminar earlier in the year and the feedback we received from the authors who attended made us think again. Most authors wanted to be able to do it for themselves but were a little wary of what they thought was a complicated and arcane process.

After this we decided that what we should be offering is support and guidance primarily aimed at enabling authors to make it through the minefield of self publishing more or less under their own steam. Success for us would be an author purchasing a single support package and thereafter being totally self sufficient and confident in formatting, publishing and advertising their books.

Of course we recognize that some authors may need more support than others. The fact that the self publishing process may be somewhat opaque for some does not mean that their books are less worthy of being published. We have therefore also put together some additional services to help such authors achieve their self publishing goals.

So who are we and and what makes us better than anyone else?

Wagon train

We’re writers ourselves but no, we’re no better than anyone else. The one thing we do have though is knowledge of the self publishing process and from an author’s point of view as well. It’s as if new authors are in a wagon train heading off into unknown lands, unsure of the way ahead and if they’ll survive the journey. If you don’t know what’s ahead you will make mistakes. We’re like someone you’ve met on the trail who has already made that long journey. We can tell you where the impassable mountains and deep rivers are so that you have a better chance of safely making it to your destination.

There have been many pitfalls on our journey and, if we’re being honest, we’ve fallen down most of them. However we’ve learnt from our mistakes and so we can pass this knowledge on to other authors hopefully saving them from making the same mistakes we did.

What do I get for my money?

You’ll get three step-by-step PDF guides about –

  • Formatting your book for Amazon using Word
  • The Amazon publishing process
  • Advertising using Amazon, Google, Goodreads and Facebook

These will be accompanied by three short videos introducing each guide. You will also get a half hour one-to-one chat via Skype or Google Hangouts with us, where you can ask any burning questions, as well as support via email for 28 days in case you hit any snags along the way.

The initial price is an introductory one as we’ll be on a learning curve ourselves for the first few months.

Will it be worth it?

We definitely think so. Indeed the original reason why we thought of doing this in the first place was because of the problems I initially had when I published my first book The Body in the Boot. I would have killed for something like this back then to help me out during the many occasions when I was on the verge of tearing my hair out.

We’re quite tech savvy and yet there were certain things that caused us lots of problems until we figured out what was going on. So even if you are tech savvy our knowledge should help you to quickly get up to speed and avoid the many pitfalls along the way. If you’re not so tech savvy then you really do need us!

Our pricing is transparent and you will only pay one flat fee for a support package. If you require some of our additional services we will quote for these separately up front so you know exactly what you’re letting yourself in for. There will never be any hidden charges.

So if you’re nearly ready to publish you can book your 28 days support in advance and concentrate on supporting your book while we support you.

(Thanks to Mark Moz and ‘Show us your togwotee’ for the great Flickr photos)


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