How to Publish Your Book on Amazon – our first event



We’ll be holding our first ever author event in January 2017. So here’s some more information about it.

What’s it about?

It’s called ‘How to Publish Your Book on Amazon‘ and is a three hour long seminar aimed at providing an overview of the complete publishing process. We’ll cover everything from reviewing your book and making sure it’s ready to be seen by the world right through to tips about advertising and marketing once it’s published. We’ll be taking authors through the Amazon publishing process step by step and talking about some of the pitfalls that we as writers have fallen into when we’ve published our own books.

Who’s it for?

It’s for anyone who has written a book, is writing a book or is thinking of writing a book and who might want to publish it as an ebook. If you’re an author who is trying to write fiction or non-fiction for a living or just someone who wants to get their memoirs or a loved one’s diaries out there for posterity then this course is for you. The whole process of getting your book out there for the world to see can be quite complicated and what this seminar will provide is a map that will keep you on the right road.

Who’s giving the seminar?

The main presenter is myself, Patrick C. Walsh. I’ve now published four novels on Amazon and I’m currently working on a fifth to be published in December 2016. I’ll be assisted by Kathleen B. McGuire, a historian and writer, and a designer from Sole Novum Design a company who produce ebook covers. We do not represent ourselves as gurus or indeed total experts who know everything there is to know. We are writers ourselves and we’re constantly learning about digital publishing too. But we’ve been there and published books with some success and we can tell you about the things that have worked for us and those that didn’t.

Being writers too means that we can sympathise with the struggle that all authors have to go through to bring their books to life. We understand that books are like children, we work hard and  nurture our books until the time that they’re ready to go out in the world by themselves. Like children though we have give our books the best chance of succeeding by ensuring that they are the best they can be.

What will I takeaway from the event?

You should leave having a good grasp on what’s involved, not just in the process of publishing but on what to do before and afterwards as well. After the event some authors may be able to publish and market their books without any further help. For others it will help them to identify those parts of the journey that they might find difficult and where they might need some assistance. Unfortunately the world of vanity publishing has moved into ebooks in a big way so we’ll also be touching on what you should be looking for if you do need any help. All authors want the best for their books and that’s basically what it’s all about.

About the venue

We’ve been more than lucky to be able to use The Settlement in Letchworth for the event. A beautiful Arts and Crafts building it was originally called The Skittles Inn and was famous for being the ‘pub with no beer’.  It became an educational establishment in 1925 and is situated only a couple of minutes walk from Letchworth rail station.

You can find out how to book tickets on our Events Page or you can go straight to Eventbrite and book your ticket now.




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