How has Garden City Ink changed?

changeFrom the start it was always our intention that Garden City Ink would be used to help independent writers to self publish their ebooks. However, when we first had the idea, we envisaged some sort of information exchange with those writers who have successfully published their books would help new writers to do the same.

We’ve now come to the conclusion that the best way we can help writers is to directly pass on what we’ve learnt by holding events and by providing a range of services that will help new writers make their ebooks available to a worldwide audience via Amazon Books. You can find out more about what we’re offering by going to the Our Services page.

We’ll shortly be offering a range of services that will provide support for independent authors from the raw manuscript to digitally publishing your book and beyond. We will be charging for these services but we’ll be trying to keep  these to a minimum and ensure that the pricing reflects the effort involved.

We’ll also be holding seminars where we will be taking authors through the entire ebook publishing process as well as providing some ideas on marketing and advice on setting up author pages and websites. You can find out more about these seminars on our Events page.

So how will we be any different to the many organisations that offer similar services?

Our prices will be transparent – The cost of all our services will be as stated on the website as a guide.  When you make your request for our services we’ll give you a quote and we’ll stick to it. There will never be any extra charges applied unless you request extra services.

We can provide an end-to-end service – Unlike almost all others our support doesn’t end when your book gets published. We can help with marketing your book and creating an author website. After all it’s not enough for most authors to just publish a book, they actually want people to read them too!

We’re writers too – We know the struggles involved in getting a book out of your head and onto paper or a computer screen and how important it is that your book is given every opportunity to be successful. We’ll be sympathetic to everyone who uses our services because we’ve been there too.

We’re hoping that our ebook publishing services will be available from the start of 2017, however, if you want any further information you can always contact us by email at





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