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Icon leaving siteWe try to keep up ourselves up to date with what’s happening in the world of self publishing and ebooks. If we come across anything that we think you might find interesting we’ll put a link below. They are in no particular order. Please note we do not necessarily agree with everything that the sites below contain.


DBW Interview with Hugh Howey, Author – Hugh Howey is a New York Times best-selling science fiction author and one of the most vocal proponents of self-publishing. Here he gives an in-depth interview about the pros and cons and some of the history of self publishing. He also explains that Amazon ‘are the publishers’ #1 sales account, and they are probably the #1 sales account for 99 percent of self-published authors. It’s the biggest bookseller in the world. Partnering with them is a good idea if the goal is to sell lots of books.’

Amazon’s New Review Rules: Should Authors Be Worried? – Anne R. Allen explains how book reviews work in Amazon  ‘So how do they affect authors? Should we be worried? Is the Amazon Review Inquisition going to excommunicate more reviewers and banish our reviews? They will if you break the rules. But the good news is the rules aren’t quite as inscrutable as they used to be. They’re more straightforward and easier to follow.’

How to Publish an Ebook: Resources for Authors – A comprehensive list of just about everything from Jane Friedman

Six Things All Self-Publishers Should Know – Kylie Dunn in this Huffington Post article explains what she’s learnt from self publishing her book.

Author Nick Spalding’s top 10 self-publishing tips – Nick Spalding is a bestselling self-published author. In this BBC article he gives his  top 10 tips to succeeding in a crowded field

This is Why Your Books Aren’t Selling: 4 Ways To Improve Now – Rachel Thompson in this Huffington Post article gives some marketing tips for indie authors

14 hour days, marketing and dealing with snobbery: my life as a self-published bestseller – In this Guardian article Rachel Abbott, a successful self published author says ‘I was encouraged by family to give publishing a go. I contacted 12 literary agents, and they weren’t all negative. At least two said they enjoyed the book, but it wasn’t the type of story publishers were looking for..‘  Does that sound familiar? However she’s since gone on to sell 2 million ebooks!

Considering Self-Publishing: A Guide – In this Writers & Artists article Lisa Hinsley tells us how self publishing led her to a successful book deal.

Self Publishing as a UK Author – A. D. Starling give some comprehensive advice for UK authors which includes tax issues, pricing, covers and many other things

8 tips for how to self-publish your novel – In this Evening Standard article Ricardo Fayet ​shares​ his advice for new writers who are ready to take the plunge